Metric Mechanic Staff

JimJim Rowe

After graduating from college with degrees in Industrial Technology and Drafting, and working at shops in Kansas City, I opened Metric Mechanic in 1977. With involvement in racing, the BMW Club and my own shop to back me, I was free to research, invent, & improve the BMW drivetrain in areas where it was weak or where the enthusiast wanted more. This led to a life long adventure. Over the years, my family, friends, employees, customers and those who provide our parts and materials; have all supported us in our efforts to provide exceptional performance rebuilds for BMW owners worldwide. We’ve adapted to many changes and see that even more are on the horizon. With an exceptional team, we face our future motivated with new ideas, committed and still – loving what we do!

Teddy1Teddy Rowe

Before learning the alphabet, I knew every European and Asian car that came through the family shop. My appreciation for BMWs began when I was 12 years old and my father taught me how to drive. Yes, it was a 2002. I’ve been influenced by both parents, art from my mother and technical from my father. Working for MM on and off as I grew up, I also studied marketing and art, only to quit college in 2002 and move to Houston TX for automotive technician courses at UTI. By the time I graduated in 2003, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do and who I wanted to work with – the Metric Mechanic team.

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