M42 & M44

M42: (E30 318is '90-'91), (E36 '92-'95), (Z3 '95)
M44: (E36 318ti '96-'98), (E36 318i '96-'98)
(Z3 '96-'99)
4 Cyl DOHC* Engines
*Dual Overhead Cam
Engine SeriesHorsepowerPriceCore Deposit
E21 - MM 2000 Rally Engine220 HP$15,000$1,800
Upcharge (except for M44) 83.5 mm Stroke Crankshaft $800
Options: for the 2000 Rally Engine
MM Light 228 mm Flywheel 12.5 lbs & Clutch Assembly$1,250Flywheel Deposit $300
M42 Pulse Chamber Intake Manifold (for '91 318is)$1,500Manifold Deposit $500
E22 - MM 1900 Boosted Engine14 lbs (1 Bar) 400 HP$17,000$1,800

2000 Sport M42/M44 Engines

If you are a BMW driving enthusiast wanting increased broader power band and greater engine longevity, without sacrificing fuel economy and at a cost effective price, this engine fills the bill.

The 2000 sport offers the following advantages over a stock engine.

  1. Increase in displacement and compression for more torque.
  2. Sport intake cam, improved head flow, lighter valve train, and surface turbulence valves.
  3. Stronger yet lighter forge alusil pistons and pins.
  4. Idles smooth, passes emission tests, and no loss in fuel economy.

Options usually purchased with this engine are;

  1. MM 228 flywheel and clutch assembly.
  2. MM EPROM chip upgrade.
2100 Rally M42M44 Engines

If you looking for the biggest most powerful street/ track engine we offer in a M42/M44 normally aspirated engine – this is it! This engine when coupled to our light weight 228mm flywheel and clutch assembly works well with the stock drive train. In a E30 it will do a bit over 95mph in the 1/4 mile in about 15 seconds.

Added advantages are:

  1. Longer 88mm stroke crankshaft for more displacement and torque.
  2. Stronger but lighter 87mm forged alusil pistons with lighter 21mm wrist pins.
  3. Premium light weight Crome Moly forged “
  4. H” beam rods.
  5. Coated trimetal rod bearings
  6. Hotter intake and exhaust camming.
  7. Higher flowing head, with lighter valve train, and surface turbulence valves.

Options usually purchased with this engine are:

  1. Windage tray with scrapper louvers.
  2. Light weight 228mm flywheel and clutch assembly
  3. MM EPROM chip and larger injectors
1900 FI M42 / 2000 FI M44 Engines

This engine is built tough to take boost. It is commonly used with a Downing Atlantic Super charger with or without a reduced pulley diameter but will work well with turbocharging.

The mechanical upgrades engineered into this engine to make it stronger for boost are:

  1. 8.6:1 compression forged alusil ceramic coated flat top pistons with thicker crowns.
  2. Heavy Duty wrist pins.
  3. Premium Crome Moly forged “H” beam rod.
  4. Coated Trimetal rod bearings.
  5. 81mm forged steel crankshaft.
  6. Increased head flo with surface turbulence valves.

Options added to this engine are:

  1. Lightened 228mm or 240mm flywheel and clutch assembly.
2100 FI M42/M44 Engines

Engineered tough and designed specifically for boosting this engine has all the features found in our 1900 FI engine, plus a longer 88mm Chrome Moly forged crankshaft and hotter forced induction cams. Your drive train will need to beefed up to take the power this engine can deliver when boosted.

Up grades to the drive train include:

  1. Light weight 240mm flywheel with HD 240mm clutch assembly (pressure plate has 9 strapping bans).
  2. Transmission gets changed from a 240 Getrag to a 260 Getrag or from a 250 Getrag to ZF S5-31.
  3. Larger guibo.
  4. Larger flange with modified driveshaft.
  5. Larger 188 differential.
  6. May need stronger axles and 5 lug conversion (E30).

When you add up all the extra costs of a turbo kit, mechanical upgrades (above), installation, and tuning; it’s not unusual for the cost of a project like this to be 2 to2 1/2 times the cost of the engine. It isn’t cheap but it’s scary fast!