Metric Mechanic DIY Tools

Valve Compression Tool 
for BMW M42, M50, M50tu, S50, S52, & M54 engines
Using the Metric Mechanic Valve Spring Compression Tool enables one to remove and install the valve train (valve retainers, keepers, springs, perches, & valves) from any 4 valve BMW hydraulic lifter bucket in a simple, very fast manner. This tool cost $80 and the first time the tool is used, it more than pays for itself. 

HD Valve Retainer by MM
for BMW M44, M50tu, S50, S52, & M54 engines
The BMW single wound cone springs retainers are rather weak. The valve keepers will pull through the retainer at 185lbs on heads after 1995. The ’95 M3 had even weaker retainer that would pull through at 165lbs. If the keepers pull through the retainer, the valve hits the piston and can severely damage or destroy the engine. 
The MM Crome Moly retainers are heat treated with a black oxide coating and can take 300lbs before pulling through. The MM DIY Valve Compression Tool makes changing out the retainers a rather simple job. This tool cost $10. 

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