M42-Kit-Toned-SizedM42 Engine Kits

M42: E30 318is ‘90-91, E36 ‘92-95, Z3 ‘95

2000 Sport/Rally M42/M44 - 170 HP

ItemPriceCore Deposit
Head, Sport Surface Turbulence/6% Flow Increase$1,795$600
Head Upgrade, from 7mm to 6mm Valvetrain$350
Sport Intake Camshaft 258°, 11.15mm Lift$600$250
Head Gasket$140
Head Bolt Set$45
Pistons, Sport 87mm Forged Alusil, Hard Anodized 11.0:1$1,000
Rings, 87mm Moly Rings$160
Rod Bearing Set, Coated Tri-Metal$180
Optional: Rod Bearing Set, STD$100
Main Bearing Set, 360° Thrust & Oiling Groove$120
Machine Lock Tangs in Main Bearing Caps for above set, You send us your Main Bearing Caps$125
Double Row Timing Chain$100
Optional: Single Row Timing Chain Conversion
using cam sprockets provided by customer
Top End Gasket Set$100
Bottom End Gasket$150
Motorsport Front and Rear Crank Seal $80
Crankshaft, Stock M44 83.5mmCall