S38-S88-Engine-KitsM5/6 Engine Kits – S38/S88

M5 & M6 ’85-’93

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3700 Rally Engine - 350 HP

ItemPriceCore Deposit
Head* HiFlo Rally, 31mm Intake Ports$2,995Core
Head Gasket$195
Rally Cam$1,000$500
Clearance Cam Box for Rally Cam$200
Adjusting Shim Pads$750
Ported Intake Manifolds$750
Pistons, 95mm, Hard Anodized 12.5 CR$1,650
Rings, Moly 95mm$240
Rods, “H” Beam, 143mm with 4 Oiling Grooves$1170
Rod Bearing, Coated Tri-Metal$270
Main Bearing Set, Coated$315
Crankshaft, 86mm Stroke$750
Top End Gasket Set$100
Bottom End Gasket$150
Motorsport Front and Rear Crank Seal $80